Disparate data sources

Furnace enables rapid and inexpensive fusion of data streams from disparate sources, allowing you to analyse, correlate and store your data in a rich and efficient manner. Furnace is your central ingestion and processing platform.


Collect data from all your sources, Furnace provides mechanisms for consuming data from various sources, types and formats.


Joining data sets yields the true value of the data you generate and consume. Furnace allows you to enrich and correlate your data streams to provide greater context.


Data streams can be stored in a Data Lake both in their raw or enriched form.

Data Filtration & Sanitisation

Increasingly organisations are required to filter personal and sensitive data before storing it, following legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Furnace provides the ability to be selective about the data that you store, therefore positively impact storage costs.


Clean parts of your data, such as Personal Identifiable Data (PID) to ensure regulatory compliance.


When you need to be able to identify trends and patterns you can anonymise data to prevent loosing valuable inteligence.

Cloud/SIEM Enablement

Many traditional Security Information & Event Management tools are unable to connect to modern Cloud platforms, meaning they are unable to get a full view of an organisations threat landscape.


Uses Cloud API's to push or pull data from your Cloud systems.


Parse & normalise data into a usuable format before it enters your SIEM tool.


Pushes data to your SIEM tool either in the Cloud or on-premise.